Same message different pictures



As I was making these two pictures…WELL I started out making the first one, stopping have way through because it is just grotesque. But, it was being made to glorify God. I started to make the second one Joy filled my heart as I faded the zombies and the picture of the raised hands really started to show through.  Yay God, Go Team Jesus!!!

Without Jesus we have no hope. The zombies are not my taste. But, if it gets someone who otherwise wouldn’t look at one of my Jesus posts to look… Glory to God!!!

There are lots of thoughts on this subject…music, dancing, all the things we do. Jesus is the only way, accept God’s gift and stop being about the law and be about Jesus. Walk like Him, talk like Him, act like Him. Bring Glory and Honor to God, we were made for His Great Pleasure !!!

I would like to know,”What do you think about this? What is your opinion? Whether or not you agree or disagree, I want your input. It is good to think on this and what it means to you. I will close now in a prayer.

Heavenly Lord God our Perfect Father, Accept our lives as a sacrifice to You. Use us for Your purpose in this world and allow us to be not just hears of the word but, doers. We praise You for the forgiveness for the things we have done and the things we have failed to do. We lift up those unsaved loved one and family members to You now and we know You will not stop seeking there love soften their hearts Lord God. We Thank You for the Blood of Jesus that has brought us into Your Holy Presence. In Jesus Holy Name we Pray, Amen & Amen!!!


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