Mother’s day outfit

04132013 016

This is what happened to the pretty outfit I got for Mother’s Day. It has i sleeveless shift dress with a same length jacket. (Church is always cold.) Pointing no fingers at the landlords cousin who had to use that expanding caulk to fill the vent he put in my dryer room. When and how isn’t the problem getting it out was. So Here goes…
04132013 017

Dryel solvent… nope… Goo Gone… nope…Amway solvent(not pictured) but, nope anyway…

Hmmmmm not one to give up so away I went. Under the bed to storage there for wonder under fusible webbing, glittler puff paint, scissors, and the Be Dazzler!!!


Well I decided the mini one would work best for this application. With the strip of fabric from a skirt I shortened I got a great paisley piece. With the left over I made a scarf to go along with it. I can wear this as a more fancy or played down. The dress I shortened can be worn under for more summer day. Scarf is interchangeable for both dresses and works well with lots of my wardrobe. Now to press it all and get it ready for Mother’s day service.


I hope and pray in Jesus’ name if you have a mom or if you love a mom that you let them know. One day from the next we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I was blessed by being able to tell my mom I loved her, to bless her and tell her how beautiful she is and always will be to me. I have been on cloud nine ever since. Thanks be to God!!!

God’s grace, peace, light, and love always Doreen


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