Following The Way

I know I am not worthy to tell anyone how to live. That is precisely why He chose me. because I am least likely. God uses our least for His utmost glory. Only God can chose us and He did from the beginning of time. His Word that He has given us…His Son that He gave for us…And His Holy spirit that He left with us as our comforter and teacher. All three of these things are one in being of the God Head. In the Bible study Pines Baptist is having on Wednesday nights, we are choosing to die to self… wishes, wants and ways, and to allow Him to take over our wills and do His good pleasure.


This is the verse to study this week. The Follow Me asks… they immediately Followed. Imagine how many of us would be too busy. Reasons and excuses rise to the top of our head why we can’t even make it to Church on Sunday. Leave your nets… Really isn’t this a little radical? Couldn’t he hang around and wait… HE DID.  It is time to listen, time to obey, TIME TO FOLLOW!!! Drop everything and tell someone of the Lord’s grace, show someone your Christianity, Fill them with your love for them in Jesus’ Holy Name

God’s grace, peace, light, and love Doreen.


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