F.ully R.elying O.n G.od


A frog winking and playing the violin seems crazy right. That doesn’t seem much like the kind I see. But…It does sound like the ones I hear.
Which reminds me of myself and what I see in the mirror and what others see when they look at me. I may not have the best look, a few wrinkles, scars, and tattoo…oh and is my hair combed and my clothes just right…
AHHHH But, When I speak what is it that comes out? Is it praises to God?… Not always! Is it glorifying God?… Not always!
It is hard to imagine but it is not how we look but how we sound that matters. A frog really does fulfill God’s purpose bringing Him praise and glory through it’s actions. They eat flies that are troublesome to us and make beautiful music. Do you think for one second it is worrying about it’s children, it’s mate, it’s food, it’s shelter. Why is it so important for us? Why are we so consumed in our day to day thinking about ourselves and what others will think. If we would be more like frogs and fully rely on God, wouldn’t we be doing what He set as an example for us and following Christ and making disicples of others. How is it we watch our neighbors knowing full well they don’t know the Lord and never smile at each other or share a chat with them. Why are we afraid to say God bless you. I am doing a lot of thinking out loud here. I am not perfect yet, although, I am trying. I know we are different from frogs and we are more like Jesus showing compassion to each other is important but how much more to the unsaved then the saved. We hang out with other Christians, and talk about God. There are people all around us who we need to be talking to.
Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him. Matthew 4 :19-20 NKJV
This is the passage I read every day this week. I keep asking myself would I could I do it? I have read story after story of people in other countries who give up family, friends, and risk their lives… Meanwhile I sit comfortable in my computer chair and do Bible studies, trying to figure out what more can I be doing. I love you, yes you the one reading this. Please let me know you stopped by. Not just by liking it but please tell me your thoughts. God’s grace, peace, light, and love Doreen


3 thoughts on “F.ully R.elying O.n G.od

  1. Good post, Doreen. You’re right, it’s easy to be a “good Christian” when hanging out with others that are pretty much like us and share our opinion of what it means to be a “good Christian”. (We in the Christian community haven’t settled on a common definition yet.) I think that is why it is important to get out of our comfort zone and comfort communities to meet and listen – really listen to what others have to say. I think we are all still learning and will continue to learn until we are standing face to face with the One with all of the answers.

    • Yes Jim you are very right. Thank you for checking my Blog out. I pray you continue to check up on me and see what is going on. God’s grace, peace, light, and love Doreen

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