Small dress to size 12 Recreation

Well just last year I fit in it and this year… And the Animal print well kinda looked like an old ladies moo-moo dress. So I cut the printer one up the sides. I used the back because it was two panels and draped better.  You know the neck was a scoop neck so I Pleated from about mid-way up to the top and brought it together. Then across the top I did a baste stitch across from shoulder to shoulder and gathered it together to fit into the center cut I was going to make in the brown dress. So far so good… pinned right sides together a seamed both sides, then took the gathered part and sewed it to the notch in the top and the twist. I took the from that was left over made a hair tie out of the sleeves and a scarf out of the front panel. TADA!!!093

This was the beginning.


I really  like this twist and it will be handy to hide the bunched up fabric.

New Creation

Not bad if I do say.
God took me the same way. kinda small not important and kinda ugly but He makes all things new and beautiful. I pray God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you always Doreen


4 thoughts on “Small dress to size 12 Recreation

  1. That’s clever! If I grow out of something, the first place to shrink (yes, I don’t grow – it’s the clothes that shrink *wink*) is the bust 😦

    • LOL that is all of us I think. How cute I should have known that dress shrunk. It is all the over heated dryer… It is happening to alot of my clothing. Hmmm but not my socks they are stretching out… O:) Thank you for your comment. God’s grace, peace, light, and love Doreen

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