It’s easy to love those who are like us, the people who are on our team. Go Team Jesus!!!

But Jesus calls us to a higher kind of love. We no longer think of others as an enemy. We are released from defending ourselves. We need to reach out to understand the very people we might feel tempted to forget or disregard. This does n’ot mean that we need to accept or explain sin.  We should see people for who they are… – people Jesus came to save and to be with and to love. Because of Him first loving us we need to show that to those we may find unlovable. Jesus’ victory over sin and death means that no one can threaten us any longer.
So seeing this I thought I could sure say this one… we all may want to say this. Then I thought this is not good to say never mind think. We need to pray for those that we know were a bad part of our past help them, strengthen them. Everyone is wanted into ours the greatest future everlasting!!!
I was there with them once caste away. But God says I don’t judge you by your past because I alone know your future.  Prostitutes, prisoners, and the homeless addicts, are easy to overlook as dregs, wastes, not worth our time, they deserve what they get. BUT GOD,( I love those two words) says without Jesus, we all deserve separation from Him. Jesus is our example, He showed us how to love those people, and serve them.  Jesus tells us to bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Luke 6:28

The big thing in the media about the player being gay and coming out about it… Confusing God’s word and not showing love a lot of Christians are shocked he is getting a heroes cheer as a Christian sports player is being dropped from his team. No need to worry both have made enough money I am sure to live either way. But what about the soul… We need to be in constant prayer for the homosexuals of the world. There lusts are no different from any others. Sin is sin whatever way you look at it. We need to be in prayer for all the persecuted Christians( including ourselves to stand up for each other and God’s word. God is so forgiving and full of mercy. Don’t beat others up because they aren’t at your spiritual level with the Lord. Encourage others.
God’s grace, peace, light and love Doreen


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