Trust in the Lord


First love holding young love

I made these while thinking on what a brother and sister were telling me about at the weekend renewal my husband and I went on with North Hialeah Baptist Church on Fort Myer’s beach . I learned a lot about myself and grew some too. I had growing pains and all. The best growth spurts are the ones with pain. It needs to be broke sometimes for it to be set right.

There was suppose to be a big storm this weekend, I was camping out, and I had severe pain in my shoulder. needless to say I didn’t want to go. I love You Lord, but really… I prayed!!!
Well no rain, slept like a baby so comfortable, not cold and no pain.
God is good!
So onto what I learned this weekend. Well maybe more of what I put together this weekend.
I am very judgmental! That is the only word for it. Ok so I said it, I love you but I wonder if you are saved really saved. Always trying to think what someone is thinking. Always comparing my walk to someone else. This is very bad to do… Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Matt 7:1 We all know that scripture. It is no wonder I think that I can lose my salvation with the way I think! The things that fly through my head scare me sometimes. Truly! I know this is not really what I learned this weekend buy this is just something I am still working on. So I will work my way towards to the beginning of the weekend. I walked into the hall and saw a young girl rolling her eyes at a bigger brother. So I laughed and said for the other teens to hear that she was working on her wife looks. The teenagers laughed and the little girl walked away. Realizing what I said I quickly said that is not funny as  a married woman I should be telling you to respect your husbands…more laughing from the girls. Grrrr… not what I wanted. I need to think before I speak. So a young couple come for the wedding that was there. I say to the mom who is in the bathroom stall I saw the baby on facebook shaking her head no. Everyone was laughing. Well when the stall was opened there was the baby shaking her head no. she knew what we were talking about although not talking yet. Just before we left I was talking with a friend and she said wait til you see what he is doing now…he shakes his finger at you and says don’t do that or don’t tell me that. Just hearing that the grandma laughs and the bay starts doing it to me. Very disrespectful to teach a child but if you laugh when they do it they don’t understand. All the way along it is me who is learning.  I laughingly am disrespectful to my husband in front of others, that is not funny. So other women join in bashing their husbands. God is not through with me and I am glad you let me tell you about this. I’d also like to ask you …when you tell someone well with me what you see is what you get ? What does that mean if you are rude it should be ok with me. That to me sounds like you are saying. I don’t like you if you don’t like me then good.  I pray God is gracious onto you, blessing you with peace, light, and love In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen


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