Everyday is God’s Day of Love

I was thinking the chocolate Hershey’s mini I gave my husband in a homemade sweet card was nice.I meant to show him I love him. So next day I wanted to top that… Bacon for breakfast is a favorite but I do it too often. So I made a Burt’s Peanut butter tub. I know it does need to be explained.
First I used a butter dish lid I had, the bottom broke but I saved this, I knew this would come in handy.  I lined it with wax paper, next time I may opt out on this and just use a spray coating.
Next step dark chocolate in measuring cup about a cup, goes in microwave on half power for 1 minute. Peanut butter goes in blender with confectioner’s sugar and he would never know I used Total cereal which i  blended good before adding sugar and peanut butter. Then let it harden in frig and went about my day for a couple hours, popped it out of the container and wrapped it in cling wrap.

He started saying he was hungry so I made him leftovers from Dave’s Famous Ribs in Fort Myer’s and put the bad in front of his plate for an after lunch snack. This is the finished candy bar…
I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but, I believe we should celebrate our covenant with God and husbands everyday. The pdf of this wrapper says share with your Valentine. My husband knows me so there was no need to explain.

I am a saint so when is my holiday…? We are all called to be holy as He is Holy. I celebrate His birth, life, death, and resurrections daily too. Just in case you were wondering!!!
I hope it works this is the PDF. If you know how to change it let me know.

God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you and yours today and always. In Jesus’ Holy Name!!!


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