Tea cup gifts

Hello, Had to share this. It really was quite simple. I got a lot of tea cups, some even Christian. So I decided they were too great deal, and new so why not use them as gifts for family and friends. I used some clear bags I had saved,  they were perfect for the presentation. I had some shredded brown nesting to fill the cups (which is brown paper put through a shredder). Then put some tea bags, and those single serve honey cups from warehouse store. As the tea bags were not packaged so pretty… I decided on making a tea bag cover. I have some pretty scrapbook stock paper. So googled a template… and printed it. Oh well too small for these tea bags. so I made my own.
They came out (que lindo) how cute. A few flower stickers to close and then >*BAM*<  a ribbon and gift tag(more on that) and done.
For the gift tag I used these great labels I made the other day from some I found on Graphicsfairy.com which I changed from wine and glasses to the tea cups and tea pots. Oh who could resist putting some woman encouraging Scripture( I always need encouraging so I try to encourage others). I thought I had posted these. They are Great for a teetotaler mom or anyone who needs positive reinforcement. The Scripture is for a wise woman. This is what I came up with:

FREE mothers labels1
I guess I will post a picture of the finished tea cup too.
I am putting some in my Etsy Shoppe. I need to make sales so I can buy the Follow Me Bible study by David Platt. Pray for me!!! Different cup designs and all occasion tags. Can also be with hot chocolate,or tea. Check them out here!!! 
God’s grace, peace, light, and love In Jesus’ Service Doreen


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