Who is watching you…?

Typically, if you are a Christian you say/well you know God is watching you. We live our lives here in the world and there are lots of people watching us, or so we think. Sometimes no one is, except God. But what if someone is…you have children, family, friends. Is everyone you know Christian and in a right relationship with the Lord? Are You?
1 Thessalonians 2:12  That we would walk worthy of God who has called you unto His Kingdom and Glory.
So because we live and work and play in this world, we should try to fit in right…I mean it is only natural to want to be liked and have lots of friends, for our families to love us we have to be like them, we want to be friends with our children so they love us.
That thinking is all messed up,Wrong thinking. Here in our society it is what I see. It has got to change back to what it was.

After accepting Jesus there should be forward motion, growth, wisdom, knowledge. We can and should become super- natural, through Him. Not of our own understanding, or doing. The people around you who are not Christian watch to see if you are and what makes you stand out. They may say.. well she or he is a Christian “holier than thou.” But that should not be the case. Called to love others and be humble. Not to say, going around with head hung down or in shame but rather as a child of God, willing to serve others and share what we have been given the free gift of Eternal life through Christ Jesus. We were not given a spirit of fear, but of love, and a strong mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 Don’t be afraid to look bad or look stupid, or look like a Bible thumper. What is wrong with that.? For me personally those things are all better than what I used to be or what I would be with out Jesus. And truth be told here… no one who knew me thought I would change, ESPECIALLY NOT ME . I didn’t think I wanted to. The women who came in to minister to me did…and so did a family in Hialeah who only knew where I was, that I had no where to turn, and they wanted to help me. Talk about LOL. I didn’t even want help. God changed all of it. I saw lots of Christians who didn’t act it. I didn’t want to be them. Some who acted it but didn’t live it. Yet more who still think they are. I am not the judge of any of it. I just want my walk to be perfect in God’s eyes. I know there is nothing I can do to make that so. JESUS did it  along time ago. I accept Him and believe in Him and want my life to be an example of Him. Still the old friends call, the old life comes into my mind, I.m not perfect.  But I know if I slip who is going to see and think like I used to…I don’t wanna be a fake, a Sunday Christian.
Now tell me who is watching you? Who could be reading you as the only Bible they ever see? Who doesn’t know the Lord and needs to see Him in you? I challenge you to pray for someone to tell the Gospel to today. It isn’t our job to convince them, just tell them. It could be someone who I love that needs to hear it. It could be someone you love that I talk to. If that continued we could save the whole world!!!

God’s grace, peace, light, and love, in Jesus Service


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