Cracker can Upcycled to a Rabbit Feeder

Ok this is an old idea I had back in the day. I have raised rabbits for along time. I fell out of it for awhile so now… I’m back into it. My sister got me a boy. Oh so cute she named him John 8 ( )  after the chapter in the Bible where the adulterer is going to be stoned. She opened it up to any page and that was the name she saw!!! And here’s Johnny… (in my best Ed McMahon Voice) Here is Wiki about him in case you don’t know.            Sorry for the side note. He was note worthy I think.

Did you know they multiply like rabbits…? O:)

Needless to say I have about 15 now and I am separating males and females and males can’t stay together or they beat each other up.

Tried to up add a video… will add as soon as I can figure it out. Or at least a picture of John 8 and his large family!!!

This is the container…

You get the hint from the picture of how it was a covered tin can. I cut a start with a sharp knife then used metal cutters to go across. Then snip pieces in the bottom half of bowl and bend over with pliers. This is to stop them from hurting themselves. Put the feed in put the cover on…
Wa La …

Dinner time for Blessed. Which is the bunny she lost her foot as a baby, not sure how. But her foot wasn’t one of those human objects of superstition. SO she is BLESSED!!!

I pray today for you who are reading this be filled with God’s grace, peace, light, and love today and show it to others . In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen & Amen!!!


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