Garden Watering Ideas


I had bought one of those feeders from Miracle Grow at an estate sale and I loved it. Able to feed or water you could switch back and forth. Well it broke and I had two huge boxes of miracle grow left and wondered hmmmm guess I just mix it in a gallon jug and use it up…time gets used up that way too. Like I said many times before we love to cookout with friends so we have lots of old soda bottles the 2 liter kind. I put a scoop of miracle grow filled it and stuck it into the ground. Now back in my homesteading days of long ago. I used gallon wine jugs.
This trick was taught to me by a Portuguese neighbor who used to urinate in one and use it in his garden. I do not much want to do that but the idea was great for watering when I wasn’t home over a weekend. Up north water drips for almost  three days in a gallon wine jug.
Well back to the here and now… With an abundance of these and lots of plant, I  use what I have. Here in Florida the water goes quicker but it is ok I use it to feed really only and water regularly. This is my small garden center stage in the yard I keep tomatoes, culantro, flowers, chives, mint, seeds are started here too.
I have now learned if I leave the lid on and only poke a hole in it it may last longerI will keep you informed of anything new.

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