Tune up for these speakers

My husband in case you don’t know is a collector of speakers and stereo equipment. My prayer is it sells on his ebay or etsy shoppes
those are the links if you want to check him out and get some cool stuff.
So this pair of speakers were taking up the bed room before I moved in. Then they were occupying lots of storage space in his “store storage room”. So he was going to bust them up for kindling… šŸ™‚ ( we have lots of fire pit nights w/ friends) Then I remembered the project I had been thinking about doing in the kitchen to makea breakfast nook where I can do my morning Bible study and devotionals. I had thought a corner table set with benches for storage. Hmmmmm put those on their side, put a lid on them, and a padded cushion…. So I halted him before he got too far. I took over so as not to ruin any of the pretty wood. 058
Then went out to the casita (that is Hialeah for “shed”)to look for hardwear to put on the door.
Husband… could you come show me how to put these on?
Thank God he knew how. Then working on the second one had to make a door from plywood because I used the back from it to make the first ones door.
Then knock, knock all work halts…
Great grandson arrives with Mommy…first time we meet!!!
OK so next day back to work…get-attachment.aspx1

I used the old fiberglass from inside the speaker as to not throw it in the landfill. But I covered it with some good old buffalo snow I had left from Christmas. Recycle and reuse, reduce and not buy. So the finished project….
Banging on the cushion padding like drums for a drum roll. O:)
Kitties have a spot in the sun and I got a nook and more storage. Best of all husband got a little room back in his warehouse part of our home.

I want to thank you so much for sharing in this experience with us and ask you to follow my Blogging adventures praising God and upcycling and recycling projects. Also please comment so I can get to know you too. and share us with your friends!!! Come check me out on facebook or twitter.
I pray God’s grace, peace, light, and love follow you today and always in Jesus name and service Doreen


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