Finding Nemo Party

This was so much fun to do. I went to pinterest and google search to find out what the characters looked like. Well… refresh my memory because I had seen the movie before. So Idea no#1 was Pearl the little pink squid. 006

Just cut the pink Twizzler into about 1-1 1/2 inch pieces then snip up each rib to make tentacles add a couple of dots of frosting and done.
This same technique can be done to string cheese to make giant octopus. 013nemo-party-hat-printable-0310
I used this printable from Disney family to make hats, with opal tinsel!!!
There is lots more but I don’t think I have all the pictures…019

My sister made the Pinata it was a pull bottom one with a Nemo stuffed animal in the hanging part. Quite, easy, and quick. Party City has all those supplies.

Then I took Jello blueberry and lime make it like you would for setting fruit and use the Finding Nemo fruit snacks I also found some shark ones too. This made a great fish bowl. Or it could be individual cups too.

That was cool and I made the cake which came out really cool…Only part is it taste good too. and went so quick I did not get a good picture.

I used the Twizzler left overs to make sea weed and other fish just cut it up. All and all a great day with family and friends.
God’s grace, peace, light, and love In Jesus’ Service Doreen
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