I’m not going to Church!…?

How are you feeling? What did you do today?
I have such a bad headache I have been in bed all day in my pajamas. I didn’t even feed my bunnies today…
Ever have that day? Ever gone to work feeling like that?
It is pouring rain and dark and gloomy… I don’t feel good. I wanna stay in bed!
Ever have that happen? Ever gone to work feeling like that?
So it is Wednesday night Bible study… I have been in bed all day in my pajamas it is dark and rainy. I have a headache and think I am dying. My blood pressure is fine. I have taken my medicine. My husband is still at work and it is time to be there. I call him… “will you be home?” “should I get dressed?” ” I don’t know if I wanna go. ”
“Everyone else misses.”
“Heck the Pastor probley wont even be teaching tonight. He has something else to do. It will be brother Miller quick and done. Why bother?”
“Ok” husband says. He is in car on his way home.  So I lay here.
Phone rings… It is husband. ” I am here on Palm ave.”
OK I’ll get dressed.
Well, I did and I went. Yes there were people who did not go. There were people Ihad bad thoughts about them being there. The Pastor was talking about Charter school stuff and things he has repeated before. And yes he was leaving… Yes brother Miller was teaching. It was freezing cold and my head was pounding. Subject enter : worshiping God. You are in His presence. Not just ow because you came in but every minute of every day.
Feeling better…
Scriptures about that  Genesis 28:14- the end of chapter.
Well This is amazing…!!!
I am feeling so good I can sit up I a, not shaking. Not too cold any more. Not disliking those around me.
I feel good!!!
So I talk to a few sisters and brothers a little fellowship.
I feel great!
Is it just me or does this happen to others…?
I believe it happened to Saul on his way to becoming Paul.
Shake off the dis- you name it … like, whatever it is. We do not go for others. We go for Him God/Jesus. Do you think Jesus wanted to go? He did not go because of the pay check at the end of the week. But when we go to Church you could look at it as the payoff of eternity.
I guess I am just rambling. I love you, and today I pray that you have a worship encounter with God on His terms. I pray the Holy Spirit fills you to overflow and you tell others around you about the Gospel(Good News) of Jesus the Christ. All these things I ask in The Name Of Jesus. Amen & Amen

In the end I will be worshiping The Almighty King Jesus!!!



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