Answers from God

Hey there, How are things going with you? Please comment and let me know how you are and who you are. You know me… Well, by my posts.
So, today Husband and I did Bible study. Nothing out of ordinary we do it every day. It was his turn reading so, he prays before he reads and I pray after he is done. We are praying for our children, today I asked that someone would talk to them… Someone who knows they are unreceptive to God and His Word. I also pleaded with God to give my husband and I tongues of boldness and the words to say to share the Lord as we went about today. I knew the man he was meeting with is one who is unreceptive to the Lord. So I asked for his heart to be softened.
Little did I know… I was going to walk to National (Supermarket here) for some tea I ran out of. I make an herbal sun tea so I needed one ingredient that is not from my garden. God had placed Phillipe in my path to witness to.  I knew as we talk and shared life stories God was doing what I had asked and that Just as He was sending those to Dennis and Misty He was sending me. I pray that the person who is praying for Phillipe finds out about our talk and I see him one day in eternity. I told him that too.

God’s grace, peace, light, and love be in your path today. May Jesus be on your lips and may you be ready to give testimony and witness with boldness for Our lord and Savior. I praise God Almighty for allowing me the privilege to serve Him and be of some use for Him today. I pray He uses you as well and that you are blessed with abundance from God’s storehouse. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen & Amen!!!



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