Going Deep Into Saul Bible Study

I have been doing gardening and yard stuff so much lately, I must apologize for not keeping up with my Blog responsibility.
Yesterday being Sunday I was privileged to serve in Jesus Sprouts for my turn this month. Jesus Sprouts is our Children’s Ministry at North Hialeah Baptist Church, for those of you who don’t know. Which I learn from once a month so I would love it every week! I thank God for my brother and sister who came up with it. God is so Awesome and with Him in control it has been very successful.
We do have some levels and there is great teachers for all levels.
SO… Jonathan’s son…Do you know who it is? Well, I found a cute idea in a Google search about teaching kids. Kid’s love to be smarter than adults and know more. So…Ask a group of adults that question( Who is Jonathan’s son?) Have them write it and fold it if they don’t know leave it blank or out a ?. Explain it is not to pick on them but to spur the kid’s on. and in the same way it may spur on some of them that did not know. Then tally the answers and tell the kid’s that is what they are learning about today. Proceed to tell the kids the lesson making sure they remember MEPHIBOSHETH. That is Jonathan’s son whom David showed compassion and kindness to. David had sworn an oath to Jonathan whom he loved. So when Saul and his son’s were killed MEPHIBOSHETH was asked to come live with David in the castle. MEPHIBOSHETH was lame. So we showed the children different ways that someone could be lame, and how they need help for some things. There is a name game you can play if there are new kids in class ( which we have alot from other congregations with in our Church campus.) Write MEPHIBOSHETH on a chalk board or cardboard. Show how to break it down to ME PHIB O SHETH. Now tell the kid’s Your name. “I am Miss Doreen, (and then maybe say) I am not MEPHIBOSHETH!” Then go around the room and have each kid repeat it. You could have crutches or some ace bandages for kids to see how it feels and maybe blindfolds. Have them help each other doing things.
For the Gardener/teacher we read ahead the verse’s and I like to find a fun home work on the lesson.  This is what I am given to prepare:

So I looked up my verse’s and printed them out.
here it is printer friendly :   http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20Samuel%2031,%202%20Samuel%201:%201-11,%202%20Samuel%205:1-4,%209%20&version=NKJV&interface=print
I heard nothing of Mephibosheth. So I looked it up and read 2 Samuel 9


I hope you have as great a time with this stuff as our kids and I had. You can print those out and have kids color, cut and paste.
Verse 9:8 would be great as a memory verse.
Mephibosheth bowed down (bow to kids, and then say,” what is your servant that and point at them saying you would notice, making binoculars with hands around eyes, use hand to make cut a cross throat and then pant like a dog. ) and said, “What is your servant, that you should notice a dead dog like me?” Have the kids try acting it out.
I pray all of God’s grace, peace, light, and love for you and yours always in the service of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!!
Please comment and tell me what you think or what else you come up with.  I won’t know you came unless you comment!


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