Great new sight for images

Hello every one just thought I would share this great picture I got from This is this weeks picture:

John 11:35 Jesus wept. That verse written here on a house that is boarded up. No trespassing signs around it. In many neighborhoods the boarded up houses are seen, for sale signs, forclosure signs, and no trespassing signs. This one says a bold and true verse from the Bible. Jesus’ wept. And who could blame Him. Houses boarded up, public water fountains are rare( nevermind bubblers!!!) shop don’t have free water… not to mention we have to pay for air at the station…Or that washing your windows or checking your oil also went the way of someone pumping your gas for a whole lot less money. This sign should be on billboards!!!
God’s grace, peace, light,and love in Jesus’ service Doreen


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