Helping a friends Mom

I was given a rotted piece of particle board that was padded and covered.  Which was my friends mother, also my other friends grandmother… Both are my sisters in Christ. She needed a piece of wood cut as to repair the chair. 2013-06-26 15.14.39 2013-06-26 15.14.14

So… I took the rotted wood off, and soaked the fabric in a pre-stain treatment(spray and wash) then washed it. I used the old foam to be a template for the wooden bottom, I traced it onto plywood. 2013-06-26 15.15.05Then I had a skilled professional cut that out for me. My husband!!!
All it takes is a staple gun which my husband has several…
I put the fabric loosely over the padding making sure it was some what even. Then holding it in place flipped it over and did a staple on each of the four sides. Now putting a little weight down on the board to stretch the fabric it is easy to just staple around the board.
So all said and done I got it covered.
2013-06-26 18.30.10

I gave it to my friend who gave it to her mom  gave it to her mom. All in all it just feels so good to help my sisters help their mom. I pray everyday to be able one day to be of help to my mom. As of yet, I can’t. That is a long story for another day. For now…
I praise God for my Church family and my faith in Him!!!
God’s grace, peace, light, and love. In Jesus’ service Doreen

chair 005 chair 006
This is the finished chair.
I just have to add… It is easy to sit in this chair and relax. You can see it has strong metal legs, it is nicely padded, cool shady spot on the porch.
Sometimes as we struggle with things to get life right… We forget God is the Chair. We need to sit in Him and relax. Take time to enjoy the shade He has provided and be happy with life as He has given it to us.


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