Tube Tops for summer

Well in the winter panty hose is a must… But, in the summer we must cover the bust. After winters wear and tear on panty hose they are pretty useless. Not any more. I have noticed being newly married well almost two years and a Christian for almost five. As I shuffle out winter to summer clothes there is a few things that I can’t believe I wore. Well I have gained weight so I am more bustier. But, I don’t feel comfortable wearing those dresses too high cut or too low cut. Here is a way to reuse those Panty hose and turn them into something great. I won’t show you the before of my dress on me. But… first we take the hose.

cHAIR 013

With the run and a pair of scissors. Funny how that purple water bottle is always in my photos…

cHAIR 014

So now they are cut straight across the crotch and then a zig zag stitch done around the crotch end. Now it is a stretchy tube a little sheer but not totally see-thru. so i put the finished edge from the original hose on top. and my zig zagged stitched one on the bottom.
It does got a few runs but I am working that out by the placement as well as the addition of laces, ribbons, gems. I will be posting more much more!!!

Here is the finished tube with a very contrasting dress to show it off. As well as,DSC08051 my next post about the new bird bath I made!!!

i am so glad to share my adventures here with you. I would love to pray for you also. I Thank God for all the blessings He alone gives me. I am blessed to have been given a husband who supports me and allows me to be able to communicate here and have the free time to do it. God has amazing blessings for you. plans for a future and a hope. Check out this link for music and a wall saver about that scripture verse. (  Don’t wait to be right with Him until you have cleaned up your act or think the time is right. Today please let God know you are thankful for His sacrifice, His Son. Who has washed you and me white as snow. We deserve to be eternally separated from Him. But He did not want that. He loves you, come as you are. I did. He accepts us as sinners and cleanse us to perfection in His time. Homeless, alcoholic, drug addict, complete mess, failure, ruined dead on the side of train tracks. Standing here to tell you there is better and God wants it for you. God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you. In Jesus’ Service Doreen   ✞  ✞  ✞


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