Offensive or debatable? To me it is both. I love the rainbow God gave us a a promise, a covenant. God’s covenants, Promises are not breakable by us. As our covenants with God seem to be for us. If God makes it,  it is done. We make marriage covenants and seem well we aren’t happy so we can break them and find another. I wonder after reading the Bible so many times, How do we think we can get away with it. Nothing but the blood of Jesus. I’d like to put a picture in the back ground or maybe foreground of this picture… A same sex couple, a drunk, a drug addict, those are acceptable signs of sin. What about the over eater,  the gambler, I’d like to point the finger and say yes I know they will be in heaven with us. Ok this is rambling… I just saw this and many emotions flooded over me. I am that little boy with the rainbow lai around my neck …I have one plus a hair tie and ear rings to match. I was that punk rocker, I was that same sex couple, the drunk, the drug addict, the over eater, the gambler. I have been there and done that. I will be in heaven with Jesus one day. As a matter of fact He is waiting on me. He loves me and I will be His bride at the wedding feast!!! I don’t think we will see formerly unusual, I think we will see colorfully perfected people all around. But if you and I don’t show them the love of Christ and help them to come to know Jesus will they even be there. I wouldn’t be going and knowing for sure, If not for the women of the prison ministry that came into C-9. I was gonna post a few pictures of all those people I was but I never have scanned them some things are better left to the imagination. Like me with purple hair or me with my girl friend. Who were you? Where have you been? LOL those things are past behold all things have become new (next few words are very important)  in Christ Jesus. 2 Corinthians 5:17 He wont hold them against us and we can’t hold them against each other but we do need to move forward.
Not sure if you know BUT GOD are two of my favorite words in the Bible. Well today I realized I have 5 because  I love the words IN CHRIST JESUS!!!
God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you. In Jesus’ Service Doreen   ✞  ✞  ✞ 
Please comment I won’t know you came if you don’t. I truly do appreciate the time it takes to say Hi. Thanks again!!!


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