Where is your worth?

doreen nestell

Locked up for four months. No where left to turn. I know Jesus I am a Catholic I thought I can say that prayer I believe I do know the Lordand love Jesus. I prayed sitting on the train tracks and many times when I was locked up several times before. If you get me out of this one never again. I had a Bible under the bush where I used to rest from walking. I even read the Bible a few times all the way thru. I was a Sunday school teacher. Still getting out and going back to it all again.
A girl I knew who was Christian was praying for me…her husband laughed cuz he knew I
could never change…
But he prayed with her…
As I was in there a Cuban girl who didn’t know how it all worked came in and I liked her she was cute and fun to talk to. God places people in our path to continue the work He has planned for us. I believe now that the prayers they were praying brought me her. 31662_121880867848055_7163752_n

I got to see her mom and sister at visitation when I was on my way to Torah classes. She was only there 17 days but Ihelped her out so she gave me hernumber and took my info. whenshe got out she wrote and set up an account so I could call. LOL every day I called at supper time. Steak, rice, beans, and avocado. not really but they did eat that a lot. She asked me to come there , but I had ideas of going back to Pompano…
Prayer again I believe now would not allow me to do what I wanted.


Out of those prayers the offer came …
You can stay at my house
You can live with us
There is a place for you, a space for you
My family will be your family
Prayer opened the door.
Everything was up in the air.
Life was a struggle. Work was hard to find. Have you been there?
Hopeless, struggling, feeling abandoned, fearful?
Are you there now? Prayer can change your whole world.

I want to live so people see Jesus not me. I love you and ask if you read this please comment. It takes alot to open up but it is true prayer is great, Jesus is great, God is awesome, praise God for His Holy spirit!!!
God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you. In Jesus’ Service Doreen   ✞  ✞  ✞


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