Rusty pan and rain video 001Rusty pan and rain video 002

Unbelief is like rust
Mark 9:24 And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.
A little of rest of the story in case you do not remember. The father figure had come to the disciples and they could not get the mute spirit out of the boy. The Disciples did not know why they could not and brought the boy to Jesus. There is so much meat in this reading but I was just really grab by the statement in verse 24. The only way to remove this spirit is with prayer. Staying connected to God in prayer, studying His Word, Believing He can and will keep all His promises. Would you like this father ask if you can God/Jesus…?  I find myself doing this sometimes with my unsaved loved ones oh God if you can… No God can and will and does if we believe.
I started this post with a couple of pictures of a cast iron pan I had sitting outside for sometime now. I have been using my other for so long I figured it was time to clean this one and get it ready for cooking too. I am anemic and the iron gets into my food this way. But in order to get it ready… first wash and scrub it with stainless steel brillo pad then some finer steel wool. Then comes my favorite part out to the grill to put it through the fire,  There is so much to do to stop the rust and to keep it from coming back.
Indeed Unbelief is like rust.
What do you do to stop the rust/unbelief in your life? As I said I struggle with this and it is normal I know. But need some friends and some feedback here.
So please if you came and read take a second to encourage another.
God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you. In Jesus’ Service Doreen   ✞  ✞  ✞

Oh and come back because I will be posting the finished pan project real soon!!!


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