Sick Day

I have been sick today but getting stuff done. I made some jewelry a cute 3 strand bracelet for me… O:) what it is my birth month… But for a sister at Church I made a pair of feather earrings.  It was quite easy. Here’s how…
I got two eye pins and two ear loops in gold for the winter, and some Gorilla glue.
Then I picked out a color that would look great with her dark hair. Teal green.
Found some beads, two of each size. One a seed bead in teal, the other slightly bigger a cat’s eye, in green.
I cut the eye pin a a little longer then the length of the two beads. Then rolled the pin in the gorilla glue. I squeezed a little on a piece of cardboard. I the slide on the beads and inserted the feather.  Once it is dry all you gotta do is open the eye of the earring loop and slip on the eye of the feather with beads. Then close the eye up. I make sure the feathers are pointing the right way before I close them. IMAG0441
As I said these are for a sister at Church who when she first came I guess I was slacking and did not give her a pair. I hope this was helpful for you to DIY. I am on the welcome committee at Church so I pass out earrings to new comers. They are also handy to have to give to people you meet during the day that serve you, like cashiers, waitresses. or just someone who needs a smile. IMAG0435
These are the badges I made for the Welcomers LOL Greeters… You can get great free resources for your ministries @ 
God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you. In Jesus’ Service Doreen   ✞  ✞  ✞


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