Love Pink, Blue and green?


Hey everyone sorry I have been away and silent for awhile. I have been sewing. My sister gave me this great sweatshirt but I have a few already which are slip-on you know over the head type. I decided to refashion and share the fun. So I went to Wal-mart always low prices. I was going to just go buy a coat at the thrifts but they actually have gotten outrageous as far as prices go. $3.00 heavy duty well you know it was $2.97 but of course tax puts it over $3.00 any way… It has a big front pocket… and I just cut up the whole front…
I used some green fleece I had from a pair of sweatpants I  cut up previously. I made two strips about 3 inches wide and 22inches long that I used to trim off the front and then I sewed the zipper to them. Really qucik and came out great. I had to tuck the top part of the zipper down and sew it. After I was done husband says why is it love pink…? It’s blue and green…? Guess that is a good question…? But it looks cute and I am happy. I will be snuggly buggly for sure!!!
CAM00024 CAM00025 CAM00026
God’s grace, peace, light, and love In Jesus’ Service Doreen


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