Dress Upsized and Upscaled

I got some great clothing from my sister. Which were good labels and nearly new. But size 8 which I am not anymore…I took this great dress and another which I had from my days of too tight, too short, and too low. Put them together and bang. Well you’ll see it took a little more effort than that.
CAM00120 CAM00121
This is the neat size 8 and I sat here on my bed and ripped the seams up both sides from hem to sleeve hem.

Then the other dress and some black scrap I may use may not…? You be the judge.
I cut Up the side seam of the second dress about 3 inch wide strips with both seams I got four long piece strips. I used the already made hem and lined it up with the other dress right sides together. I took the other piece and lined it’s hem up with the sleeve hem. There they meet at the armpit and all is good. then sew the back and front pieces together.
This is the pinning process

This is the sewn in place part.


This is the done and on me shot!!!
So here is my question for you… ? Should I border the bottom in the black oh and should I add a bow to the back…?
Sorry for the blurry shots for this my back has been killing me.

CAM00131 CAM00133
Without bow………….            With the bow…………
Oh I don’t have a picture of the border but by the pictures a 2-3 inch border.
I thank you in advance for the time you took to read and to comment I know time is precious and noone wants to waste time. I value your input, and your friendship.
God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you today and always in Jesus’ service, Doreen


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