Chair Cushions DIY

Hello everyone! Today I was really busy making new cushions for the kitchen chairs.
CAM00106 CAM00107

First step was to get some of packing paper that came with some books in the mail.  It was study and so I put it on the seat and went around the bottom of the chair with a pencil to trace and then cut out the shape. It fit so then I cut four of these out of some foam I had salvaged from an unstained or soiled couch cushion. Which I had washed and dried so it was ready to go. Next  it was time to cut out heavy weight material that I had picked because of the vibrant pattern. This way accidental spills wont be so noticeable.

CAM00111 CAM00112
I also cut out two strips about 1 1/2 in wide the length of which would go around the seat cushion, plus cut some extra about 10-12 inches for the ties to hold the cushion in place.  This is what allows the thickness to to be more even and then once I had the strips pinned in place. sorry no pictures of the sewing part I was so into it I just went with it. Right sides together you start by sewing one strip in place all the way around the top part of cushion. Do the same for the bottom part of cushion however leave open the back part of the cushion so that you can put in the foam.Once the foam is in you can move it around to fit into the edges, Now grab  the extra 10-12 inch piece fold in half right sides together.  Next put a safety pin into one end and draw it so it is right side out an you will have a nice tie. Fold it in half  and pin into that open seam one on each side of the open seam. Now sew up your seams and tie them on.
As I was tying them on she was making herself comfortable. That is my girl Gorda she is always looking for ways to be involved with me.
God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you always. In Jesus’ service Doreen✞ ✞ ✞
Thank you for stopping by but if you don’t comment I won’t know you were here. I thank you for the time you spend leaving a word to say hello or encourage me.


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