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The Roots had a blast

The Roots had a blast


This is a photo copy of the foam pieces. the smoke the three men and Jesus along with the furnace. add red, yellow, and orange paper.

As a gardener in Jesus Sprouts. Which if you do not know or are new to my blog. I am a gardener(teacher) of the Roots class(4-8 yr olds) In our Churches (Jesus Sprouts) Kids service . We studied in Daniel 3:24-30 That was what we read as gardeners to prepare.
We encourage a child to pray for the class and to bless the snacks. Sometimes more than one like to so we pass along the prayer by squeezing the next persons hand.
We read the story from a children’s Bible And have a question and answer time.
1. Did the men in the furnace burn up? (no)
2. Why did the men not burn up?(God protected them.)
3. How many people were in the furnace walking around? (4)
4. Who made a new law? ( The king)
5. What was the new law the king made? (no one could say bad about the God of these men.)
Next we watch the video that goes with it and ask the questions again. To reenforce what the read and watched. As you can see from the pictures the activity is next. Our Church was blessed to be able to order this from Oriental trading. It was foam but it could be mad with card stock and tissue paper.
extra man
I hope you enjoy the activity as much as our kids did. I learn so much from our little ones.
God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you always in Jesus’ service Doreen Burt

Oh I will be writing a review on a devotional by unveiled wife, called Wife after God. I have been reading prayers sent to me daily by email. I am so in love with God and need encouragement to be a good wife. My new friend Jennifer Smith has written just the book for that!!!  For more information click that link   To buy now click this link


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