Wife After God Book Review

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I have been reading daily email prayers for the last two months from the website Unveiled Wife. The Wife After God devotional was shown to me by a sister in Christ who had gotten it for her kindle.
I had been looking for some kind of women’s group, Couples meeting, or marriage counseling. She suggested the Wife After God Devotional, the kindle version being cheaper, and we could do it together. You see, I had been talking to her of my marriage problems, emotional issues, and faith issues.
I have to admit, I love doing Bible studies and devotionals.  When it comes to devotionals (if it is not a Bible study) I want to see that Bible quotes are used often and that there is plenty of room for me to pray and talk to our Father.  Wife After God is an interactive devotional and is scriptural and inspirational.
The prayers are without a doubt spirit filled. Jennifer is the author and really gets you journaling and more active in a relationship with God and your husband.
Ok… so you want to know more…
Jennifer Smith is a Blogger with a website. I feel she is very true in her beliefs. Her sharing of God’s word and intense experience with God puts this devotional over the top. I Love it. I read through it the day I received it and now I am doing it daily with her and about 10,000 other women around the world and on social media.
Every wife wants to be close to their husband. Most don’t realize that the closer you get to God, the easier it is to love your husband. Our relationship with our earthly husband is a reflection of what our heavenly marriage with Christ will be.
Whether you are young or old, new to the faith or in a long time relationship with the Lord; if you are use to spending time with the Lord in prayer or not sure how to go about it; whether you may be equally yoked with a believer or not- Jennifer gives you all the tools you need to start a 30-day spiritual journey with God that will cultivate and grow your relationship with God. God will do His part and transform your marriage with your husband as well as make all your relationships more fulfilling. Jennifer really pours her heart into this devotional.
Each Day starts with scripture, then a thought from Jennifer, which is partly stories from personal experience and from scripture. She has prayer, a challenge, and a Status Update for social media sites.
At the end of the day’s devotion are some journaling questions to help you start your conversations, prayers or just to remember where you started, and at the end, how far you have gone.

I actually posted the day one status update on the 31st of January…I was so excited. oops O:) But as I said, I did read it all already. One hundred and forty three pages of God’s grace and mercy towards me that I need to show to others. Which reminded me of that 143 that one of my brothers used to say instead of I (1) Love (4) You (3).
This devotional reflects God, His Word and His love story with humanity. Jennifer brings Godly wisdom and clarification to touchy subjects like INTIMACY (Day 28), which was my favorite day. I like the way she tackles the fact of it not being just sex, but a knowing.
I would like to pray for Jennifer and her ministry with this devotional/book.
Heavenly Father God creator of the universe. Thank you for Jennifer and her husband who have worked together on this book. Thank you for anointing them and blessing them so that they may be a blessing. Lord God I lift up this month of devotions to you and ask for your mercy and grace to cover us and our time together. I ask that you protect all the things that are said and the feelings that are shared. Keep the evil and darkness away from your children and hold us in your loving guidance. Holy Spirit keep us on the right path and help us to do daily your wishes for our time. In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray. Amen & Amen!!!
I highly recommend this devotional for you and look forward to seeing you there on the Facebook event page

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