Old School New Body Workout

I am starting to feel better already. My friend Marly and I have started working out. We got a weigh in at her doctors and speaking for myself not Marly, I was shocked I am obese. Wow, Never thought! ( So I entered my weigh in with Walgreens and wow you get points from that every day. ) First, we just walked the neighborhood one mile measured. ( I having been racking up my Rewards points from Walgreens and getting free cash off my purchases) Next we upped it to the walk and planking.  Now we are running the tread mill, bicycling, elliptical and doing the plank . I am up to 85 Sec. Plank. Weigh in today 5 lbs down and my body fat down 2%. The story hasn’t ended. I have found a great daily work-out that gets emailed to me and I do that with my Daily Challenge. Live is so Great!!! Hopeful to be pain free and normal weight soon enough.
╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´ ╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´
God’s Grace, peace, light, and love to all my Friends, Family and any new comers to my Blog Amen… ✞✞✞
╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´ ╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´

If you are here say Hi You made it this far it would be nice to hear a hello.


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