June 13 2014

So I am up to doing 100 seconds planking. Today I ran half a mile. Warmed up for half mile and cooled down for half mile. 25 minutes it took. Worked on chest. Every day a little stronger. I was able to visit a friend in a nursing home for rehabilitation. We prayed and I read some scriptures to protect her and encourage her. Yesterday was also a blessing praying with a young woman who was working in a store that had been robbed while we were there. God provides the people everywhere around us we just have to be ready on the spot. Blessed to be a blessing all Glory to God!!!
God’s grace, peace, light, and love always In Jesus’ service Doreen ✞ ✞ ✞
ღஜღ ¸.•*´`*♥.ღஜღ ¸.•*´`*♥. .•*¨¯` ღஜღ `*♥.ღஜღ ¸.•*´`*♥ ღஜღ ¸.•*´`*♥.ღஜღ ¸.•*´`*♥
PS. If you took the time to stop and took the time to read this far say hello let me know you came by!!!


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