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After workout Coco Frio

After workout Coco Frio

4338 NW 7th Avenue Miami FL

That is my gym bus and Marly out talking to Bombo.  I have posted about Bombo’s stand before. Yesterday he was out of Coconuts so we got smoothies. Now here is the great part… Bombo  is Jamaican, and instead of spinach which I usually use, he put in Callaloo, which is Amaranth. WOW, I just heard some great stuff about this vegetable the day before. The seed is a great substitute for rice. The nutrition and minerals are 4X that of broccoli. It is great for anemia. Bombo grows it fresh there behind the stand. He uses all the trimmings from the produce of the smoothies as compost and he brought his plants from Jamaica.  What a great guy he gave me a seed head. Bombo is a knowledge bank of his produce. He shared with us some of the benefits of the things he put in our drink. Google search watermelon white part nutrition it is good for you.

¸¸God’s grace, peace, light, and love always In Jesus’ service Doreen ✞ ✞ ✞


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