BOOK REVIEW-Selling Other People’s Stuff For Fun & Profit

I was blessed to be able to do a book review of this book just in time for an estate sale my husband I a was doing.
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You can read all about Tonza on the website
From what I have gathered in our correspondences she is an estate buyer who likes antiquing, collecting,  and blogging as much as I do…only she does it on a grander scale.
Her book states,
“They Laughed When I Said I’d Start My Own Estate Sale Business – But
When I Got The Necessary Ingredients In Place | Started Part-Time |
Achieved Profits, Success, Freedom And More They Begged Me For My Secret!”
I guess she really had motivation and the drive to get her business started. As for me, well we used a form from the book. I have to say some forms and things are good and some get people questioning your motives. There was so much knowledge and information in the book I am still referring back to it when needed. But as you know I am just starting to get my feet wet in my husbands business. He has used the book far more than me and really taken to putting it into action. There are things in it about doing sales as well which I have also started to do so I have been using that stuff. The book Secret of Estate Sales is so packed with information and can be read over and over again. And something new learned with each reading. Tonza actually had to contact me and ask where the review was. Hey I am still reading and learning. O:) I enjoy the fact that she is real and down to earth. It was not machine generated emails from a person who seems far away. I have had contact with a real person who wrote a great book and wants to use her knowledge to help others succeed with what she knows. Here is a look at what you will find inside:
Why Almost Anyone Can Start An Estate Sale Business
Use This Micro Business Model To Do Large Estate Sales
3 Things You Need To Do To Get Estate Sale Clients To Trust You
How To Get And Satisfy Your First Estate Sale Client
How To Launch A Professional Estate Sale
How To Justify Your Estate Sale Fee In A Formula
How Is Estate Sales—Selling?
How To Set Prices To Improve Estate Sales
6 Top Techniques To Make Your Estate Sales Run Smoothly
14 Estate Sale Techniques That Will Keep You In Business
How To Write Estate Sale Policy To Warn Off Troublemakers
Why Should Estate Sale Clients Hire You – Part 1
Why Should Estate Sale Clients Hire You – Part 2
Special Bonus 1: How To Get A Steady Stream Of Estate Sale Clients With The
Best Stuff To Sell
Special Bonus 2: How To Provide Cash Security For Estate Sale Clients
Special Bonus
I recommend this book for all types, not just for people looking to start a business. Even kids and families who like to have yard sales. People who like to go to thrift shops, auction sites, and Bargain hunters. 
Inside you also find scammers thoughts and things people have tried to get over on the sellers.  You get to personalize, customize, and print exclusive and professionally formatted templates provided in this book.
I do recommend getting this book and starting on your own journey.
Whether you are just looking to make a few dollars
or you want to start a business this book is great.
✞ ✞ ✞
In Jesus’ service, Doreen
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