Cook Mystery

Cooking is not a mystery.
The more heart we put out,
the more heart we put in.
To bring cooking alive we give our life. Giving
our life willingly we do not get put out.
Washing, cutting, cooking, cleaning,
exploring ways to give life to our life.
Not knowing already how or what to do,
practice feeling it
out of what is not known
through the warmth and anxiety,
not sticking to a particular way, insisting it is the only way
even though it is quite good;
open to feeling the various possibilities,
the tentative ways to giving life to our life.

To feel our left hand, our backs, our toes,
to feel out our breathing, our moving, our stance,
this is our freedom, this is our wisdom.
The mystery is that it is possible to do
what we dont know how to do. ~ unknown author

I just liked it and wanted to share it. There is some I would add. God gives us all we need and cooking seems to be just one of those things we know how to do. Is that true of you? We know right from wrong  because He guides us. God is not in this writing and it is a talent I believe He gives. Some more than others.

¸¸.♡ • .◄°))))►◄◄°))))►◄ ¯ `•.¸¸.◄°))))►◄ GOD’S GRACE, PEACE, LIGHT, AND LOVE ✞ ✞ ✞
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