Control, Self Discipline, Body and soul!!!

Temptations are real. struggles are too. Thankfully God allows us choices. We can choose to eat healthy and do healthy activities. Or we can choose not to. He allows us to make ourselves happy or to please Him. Eating, drinking, smoking all produce a great effect for the moment. But now you feel fat, now you can’t breath, now the guilt has set in and you feel worse. Just get back up and try again. No matter how many times I slip up… I have to focus on it is a lifestyle. Our bodies were created perfect. Our choices have compromised somethings, but we have today and we can make the best of it. There is no magic pill to take. Dieting is a million dollar business for some. You need to aerobic exercise everyday. Using, moving your large muscle groups. Doing atleast 20 minutes of that daily. That is key. I have gone up from 20 minutes to 1 hour now. Find a lifestyle change you can do and workup from there. I know that being an Alkalarian is hard work and it is not always an option when eating other than at home but you can make it fit if you truly want. And if you are reading this and you want a change then you can make it happen. Our culture is indulgent and self satisfying, we need to look to cultures of old and see the ways in which they lived. Eating was not how we see it today. Even smoking and drinking we abuse . We over do everything. Well enough of my ravings today.
¸¸.♡ • .◄°))))►◄◄°))))►◄ ¯ `•.¸¸.◄°))))►◄  Today is Day 148 of this year… we only get 365… we got 217 left and they are not guaranteed. Have you accepted God’s free Gift? (Jesus) Are you prepared if Jesus comes today? How will you answer when He ask what you have done with your life?
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