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Learning and trying new things

Pongo aqui=I put here
Yes I learned this the past two days with Justin. My Cuban nephew who is two.
I also learned from a friend about these alkalizing water sticks,

This is how they come

This is how they come

I ordered them directly when I heard him and his fiancee talk about how it made the water taste and the ph level of their water. So here is the reading I got with Hialeah tap water.
Awesome right… I KNOW!!! So I will be drinking this and let you all know how it works.
I did the pre soak in a plastic bottle for the shaking and all. But even approved plastic does not sit well with me. So for storing in fridge I will use glass. I got a two pack off of Ebay They got better deals but…I am trying it out. So far great tasting and I am excited to see how it works for weight loss and energy levels!!! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
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