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Janis Joplin I felt apart from them
Yea I am just wishing and hoping Janis Joplin (died October 4, 1970) knew the Lord. I want to go to heaven and I want to meet her there, right after I see my Jesus!!! I know she was an addict, I know lots about her, but I hope someone told her Jesus loved her and died for her!!! What about Jimi Hendrix (died Sept 18, 1970), What about Jim Morrison (died July 3rd 1971). These were all musical greats, they were also addicts. I wish they knew and hope they cared. You know it is all good til you wonder not only do I wish and hope they are there… But what about you… Will you be there…? Can I just take a second to tell you… yes you… Jesus loves you and died for you…most of all for you, the addict no matter what you are addicted to. God wants no one to perish. Those things I am telling you are in the Bible. Turn to Jesus now . Don’t wait til you are clean, talk to Him now. He is a great healer and did not come for the well, He came for the sick. I love you. And I just wanted you to know I pray for you right now where ever you are. That you would find the grace and mercy He is holding out to you. That you would not go another minute with out trying to talk to God and call on Jesus!!! Just see what harm can it do?
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