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Psalm 139 and Fluff

Hello, Good afternoon, What’s up? I have been studying Psalm 139 from some time around the 5th of January. Word by word. I have been writing it daily(hand gets sore), speaking it out loud (sometimes so excited I run to tell someone), and searching each meaning (translating each word from the interlinear Bible). Yes, I have it down pat. The other day however I went out to lunch with friends from Church and was asked to go ahead and speak it out to them. Mind you I have it down pat. I basically stuttered through it. I am not a speaker I guess. (That is going to change, In the Name of Jesus!) The reason I am doing this is to strengthen my mind. I guess it was around the first of this year, I decided a fast from negative thinking was in order. I also saw that the Christian support group I was in was doing a free 30 day program. So they kinda got tangled together and I found that on the same day Both mentioned reading Psalm 139 and applying it to myself. So off I went to work on my mind and bettering my thoughts about myself. Just as with this Blog I don’t want to hide behind a mask or be something I am not. I used to have negative thoughts about myself and that is changing. Every day I catch and stop myself. Mother’s and siblings telling you different things when they speak to you really does have an impact. When I hear parents or siblings tell each other you are dumb, or stupid, or that something they said was retarded. I CRINGE!!! God knows us He has searched us. He knows what we want to say before we say it. What we think before we think it. Well I made this picture to share on fun for mobile. Because when I searched for something there was nothing. And now I need to match it to a song!!! Yes an old hymn I love and turn it into a text message. I truly Love you and hope to hear fromm you soon. You can leave a comment or contact me anytime on Facebook. Although I have not been doing it much except for the groups I am in. In the mean time take care of your mind and your thoughts. Do not let the world harden your hearts. LEt go of worldly things and the stuff they do and cling tightly to the Lord and things of HIM!!! ¸¸.♡ • .◄°))))►◄◄°))))►◄ ¯ `•.¸¸.◄°))))►◄ GOD’S GRACE, PEACE, LIGHT, AND LOVE ✞ ✞ ✞
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