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What’s Up?

Ok…I typed this whole post on Thursday and went to check it out… Not here…
Gone. Gotta retype it all… I did not save it cuz I thought it was here. Maybe it was because Thursday w/ God was what I had started out to write about memorizing scripture turned into what was going on in my life… The reason I had not written in so long. I have been starting to memorize scripture since before the beginning of the year. I started with Psalm 139 which is 24 verses. Which I am going to tell you all about and the one i am on now, Psalm 27. But I am not gonna tell you that now…
Hello everyone,
I can not believe I have not posted in so long. I have been busy getting my life and license straightened out.  Starting back in March I applied and paid (my arms and legs are attached still but it was not cheap) for the DUI school. Which here in FL. is mandatory. They did my intake backwards so I actually did my classes which were 2 full 8 hour days, then they had me do my intake interview. During class I heard people talking about counseling I thought I had gotten away with something… Yeah right! At intake I was told I needed relapse prevention (ie. counseling). My DUI was 11 years ago! This can not be happening was my thought!
Just a side note I am getting my license back so I can do prison ministry and in case something should happen to my husband.
Ok so back on topic, I had all the ladies at Church praying for me and a smooth process from the start of this. So I had thought really God…It is so expensive. But ok I love counseling, it is talking about me and working on myself.  Ok so lets do this.  I get there and she tells me the cost of that weekly one hour session. oh and UA’s (urine analysis) which I would have to pay for as well. By the way I had to pay for a one hour intake session with the counselor which was three times the amount of the weekly counseling. Then she tells me I would also need 4 AA meetings done before I could finish. UHG, You can not be serious my DUI was 11 years ago. Yup I gotta do 4 or pay to do them with her at counseling.. So after 16 weeks of counseling today is my last class and I got my 4 AA meetings done. Through it all I saw God working on  me. What was fun and never a problem can turn into one really quick. One of the quotes I liked is buzzed driving is drunk driving. Really a glass of wine, a beer, or a shot, stays in your system for 2 hours. That is how long you need to wait before going even in a parking lot if you have your keys with you.  You should not even go to your car to get a cd to listen to. You, car, keys should not be together even if you don’t feel it. The alcohol is there in your system. You can not imagine the peoples stories who have gotten a DUI. Which by the way can include, after taking Sudafed or using mouthwash.
But God, my two favorite words. showed up in this situation and blessed me with a great counselor. Some unique individuals who I will be praying for and thinking about for quite a while. Oh and the great group of people who I will be growing closer to through the AA group I found. Hi my name is Doreen, I am grateful to be a recovered alcoholic, drug addict saved by the grace of God, covered by the Blood of Jesus!
Hey I am always looking for new friends and thankful that you stopped by. If you do not comment or like my post I will never know you came… And What Fun Is That?
♡ • .◄°))))►◄◄°))))►◄ ¯ `•.¸¸.◄°))))►◄ GOD’S GRACE, PEACE, LIGHT, AND LOVE ✞ ✞ ✞
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P.S. Thursday my big brother Michael Nestell had his birthday I just wanted to say I prayed for him and hope he had a great day. Maybe that is why it never posted.