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Falling in Love with Jesus

Books, Books, and more Books…

Yea, We got loads. Ok backing up a bit. Really I need to tell you, I started reading a book back in 2009, I was released and never got to finish it. I know I could have taken it with me like others have done… But I started on this relationship with Jesus, and it needed to say in there, where it was and help another life transform. Read my testimony or back posts on that subject. Needless to say. I want to finish reading it. It was, Your single treasure by: Rick Stedman. The other was falling in Love with Jesus By: Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli.
Well I found this site ( years ago and it went offline for a time. I have found it again!!! It is a book swap. Now called Paperbackswap
I do lots with recycling, love our planet, and thank God for allowing me the time I have every day! Recycling helps me to be a good steward of what I feel blessed to have. After you read them, books just sit…except the Bible. So I am adding a widget to the website that I use. As well as you can click the link above. If you join friend me there, and if you think of it in your sign in tell them I referred you. You will get $3.00 credit and I get a bonus too.  I’m not sure maybe I get a free book. Please comment, ask questions, like the post, or I never know you came. Here is the widget… somewhere in the sidelines of this post. Ok so the widget is not working. The link above should work.
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