About Me


Hello, My name is Doreen. My nickname is Uggybaby, I am the baby girl of the family all the others are boys. So I am the ugly duckling… My oldest brother didn’t want me growing up conceited.  He called me ugly while everyone else said how beautiful.  However, my mom didn’t like him calling me ugly so he decided Uggybaby, it stuck. I am a child of God through Jesus Christ, I have a wonderful, godly husband, and I am a mom to a 26 year old boy. I am a change in the making. He’s not through with me yet. Artsy, crafty, I love creating whether in my yard or in my kitchen. Things to wear, things to eat, and pretty things to see. I enjoy a project,  I get that from my Father (GOD) who likes them too. I could rattle on for hours, so I will just ask you to please leave a comment I enjoy making friends, and also share my blog with others so I am blessed by more input from many friends.


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