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Quotes and thoughts

Everglades Sunset
Faith, Fitness, Food. I changed around the title of the book I am reading. I put it in order for me. Which is actually reversed. I was reading quotes and this one jumped of the page. Of course scripture did first and I made another picture. Which I guess I will share.
Daytona Sunrise
Day one of another self help book. Wow I pray I can just give it all to God and know He is all the help I need. I hear the song playing King of the World. As if a book can help me.. Only God can , and will, IF HE is sought. Which requires me to seek and obey Him.
Ok enough about all that there is a world event happening in a couple of days. Everyone celebrating for their own reasons. I know it is not the day Jesus was born, but that day and every day is the day the Lord has made and I shall rejoice and be glad!!!
So whether you are celebrating the Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas. Know, I love you and I pray one day you know Jesus Christ as Lord and the Joy only He can give!!!  Thanks for stopping in. Give me a like or please take the time to comment. That is how I know you came by.