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Butterfly World!!!
Butterflies in my belly
Butterflies only leave like 14 days. Some only live minutes. Don’t squish that caterpillar. If you don’t bother it, it well not bother you. I may never get an orange from my tree they really like the leaves of it. And they turn into such a beautiful butterfly. I could go on and tell you of the work God did with me was kinda like that of a caterpillar to butterfly story. But onward to tomorrow.
The real reason for the post is to share the butterfly picture.
I think I am still learning this blog posting thing. I made this picture and wanted to share it. I got the butterfly picture from Fat, Sick, and nearly dead’s Facebook page. I just added the words when I saw it I knew it needed something. I am going to start the juicing reboot. Really excited! I got everything, but the fennel and cherries, for the Warrior Princess juice. I can not wait to try it. I Will keep you up to date with that. But in the mean time, think green. Including recycling.
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