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Fill U Up Energy/Protien Pucks

Hey there, I know I talked about the Fill U Up Pucks back in November. I hope you signed up for emails to be told when I post things. If not now is a great time to do that. Over in the right hand sidebar. Ok Well Here is what they look like.
The top layer here is the ones I put Greens+ in and the bottom ones are the ones without. I use those for the husband because he does not like green stuff. Ok next up was the ingredients.
Ok and now for the proportions. Which you can play with for things you like and omit stuff you do not. Just by adding cinnamon you get such a change. Change is good, it breaks up the day after day routines we get stuck in sometimes.
So here is a basic mixture. I split in half or in fours and add different stuff for a little pep in my life. Hahaha! Yes sometimes seasoning or flavorings can do that for me. It is nice to have things hum drum.
1 3/4 C. Dates
1/4 C. Water
1 Tbsp.+ 1 tsp. Coconut oil
1/4 C. nut butter ( Tahini, sunflower, almond, cashew.)
1 C. Almonds
1 C. Mixed Seeds
( I use 1/3 each Sunflower, Pumpkin, & Hemp. But, I have also added 1/3 C of a mix i make half & half Chia + Flax seed, Pine nuts or Sesame seeds)
1/3 C. Coconut flakes
I blend each thing separately until it is course chopped, like other store bought ones.
Depends on how much chewing you want to do.
After each thing is chopped I pour it in a bowl.
The last thing processed because it is sticky and messy I do the dates, water and coconut oil. Add them to the bowl of nuts and seeds, and then mix.
Form into pucks and layer with wax paper.
I store them in snack size bags in the frig. About 6 or 8 to a bag.
Makes about 32 pucks 1 1/2″ round
I carry snack bags of them in my purse for those times. To avoid junk food in check out lines and fast food joints. They last for a month or so.
Hey be sure to leave a comment. If you make them let me know that too. Listen if you do not comment or like I don’t know you came. Kinda sad right… I am praying for you right now and if you are starting a lifestyle change you succeed. No diet ever works, you are loved just the way you are by a mighty God and me. Have a great New Years Weekend and Be healthy this year to come In Jesus Holy Name!!!
♡ • .◄°))))►◄◄°))))►◄ ¯ `•.¸¸.◄°))))►◄ GOD’S GRACE, PEACE, LIGHT, AND LOVE ✞ ✞ ✞
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Hey there I have a book review for you. Old School New Body (OSNB)
The link below the cover will take you to the site where you can get the digital E book.
Old School, New Body on uggysburtnest.wordpress.com

I started reading this book on June 9th. I was looking for ways to get my exercise routine in gear. I found this site, from the daily work out videos I subscribe to. It is called the F4X program as well as the OSNB. I really liked the fact it went along with the videos I had been doing up to this point. The book gives you foundational moves, which you do interval training. Which I am really getting into. This book gives you the meat and potatoes you need… but not the kind that get you fat. These meat and potatoes are the kind that you can hold onto for life as you go for the goal of finishing the end of your life like that last rep of the day… Going strong til the finish and finishing with every last ounce you can get out of this life. This is for the long haul. I got a kick out of the quote from another author.
My one negative…
I flinched at the vulgarity that was used in the book it may have been only once but I caught it, and it did not need to be there with all the great positive stuff that they did have.
Back to the positive…
The book is chuck full of things Steve learned working for a fitness magazine. It is a compilation of many techniques he has used himself. The plan is concise and really works. My friend I am working out with notices me losing and shaping up. This is the how and why of it. But with all things you have to follow the plan and stick with it. You could spend hours and half a life time looking for what you get in this package. The exercise plan, the meals, all the health, and nutrition information packed into this book is well worth the price. Consider becoming a Doctor as you read through all the great lessons in this guide.
I blogged back in June knowing I wanted to try this  https://uggysburtnest.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/old-school-new-body-workout/
So I had one other thing to say after reading this book stop dieting and having Cheat days those two things are bad for you. Start living life to your fullest potential and having victorious eating days. We deserve to feel beautiful and enjoy all of God’s gifts for us. It only takes 30 minutes a day. I will tell you on another day how I have adapted this to make it work for me. As I get stronger.

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