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Birds, blooms, and butterflies

Well just birds for this shout out to God.
Matthew 13:4 And as he sowed some fell by the wayside; and the birds came and devoured them.
Last week I went to the produce market and I saw a can of Espresso. It was so cheap I could not pass it up. Even though I have a Keurig Machine. I still make Cuban coffee for my brother. Welp I got it home and opened up the can… Darn the seal was broken I can not use it. I do not know if it had been tampered with. I put it aside to sprinkle I my compost. ( funny side note how my yard smells of brewing coffee now.) That same day I bought the coffee I also got several bags of bird seeds. all different kinds. I only have the one feeder (well that I regularly fill) So I put the wild mix in it. Then thought oh man I need to make a feeder. So I went to my recyclebank.com to see about making one out of a soda bottle. I did and it came out just as pictured. But lots of seed was wasted falling out the holes. Then I remembered. When I first moved in here I had gotten a feeder and put it high on a pole. My morning glories grew up and covered it the seed got moldy. And it was all the way up a pole. Fast forward 6 years… I busted out the ladder climbed the pole and got it down of course nothing was left in it and it was no worse from the hurricane. But the metal bottom was rusted out and the lid covering the seed was gone.

I just stepped back and thought ok what do I have to fix it. Looked down and saw a dime… (Side note again… I used to always find pennies and thank my God my Father for reminding me of my dad in heaven who collected pennies. Now I am always finding dimes and not so much pennies. ) So… I went in to say, ” husband, look God sent me a dime, in our backyard” And forgot why I went in the house. But I saw the espresso can and got excited, because it was perfect size metal for the bottom hole. Which has a sort of lip. And the Plastic lid fit the plastic tube that holds the seed nice and snug.

All set, hanging, and ready for the birds!
I put it in a tree where I can reach it to fill it… I put some great black oil sunflower seeds… so if you know any towhee … Heeheehee send them my way. That is just one kind of bird that likes them.
Welp, I started this with the scripture because God knew I would need those parts to fix that feeder and the price was cheap so no problem. I was going to use the scripture if He, God takes care of the birds how much more you and I. But Those things that fall to the wayside… Just like you and I He can and does use each thing that happens for the good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. My mind flitters about sometimes. But I have to say I praised God with my whole life yesterday, now to just keep that momentum going and continue in praise of God every second of every day for the rest of my life.
Sometimes we hear things people say, “God did _ _ __ for me today.” and it is easy to over look… Like really Doreen… God didn’t do that you did. But those things… if they cause you to see God in them… those feeling of being alone, unloved… They don’t happen if you are focused on God being with you, knowing your needs, and supplying them. It gives you a peace, joy, and comfort. It will put a song in your heart. I love you lord, and I lift my voice, to worship you, oh my soul rejoice , take joy my king, in what you hear, may it be a sweet, sweet, sound in your ears!!!

At the top of the pole… I put a solar light!!!
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Falling in Love with Jesus

Books, Books, and more Books…

Yea, We got loads. Ok backing up a bit. Really I need to tell you, I started reading a book back in 2009, I was released and never got to finish it. I know I could have taken it with me like others have done… But I started on this relationship with Jesus, and it needed to say in there, where it was and help another life transform. Read my testimony or back posts on that subject. Needless to say. I want to finish reading it. It was, Your single treasure by: Rick Stedman. The other was falling in Love with Jesus By: Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli.
Well I found this site (Swaptree.com) years ago and it went offline for a time. I have found it again!!! It is a book swap. Now called Paperbackswap
I do lots with recycling, love our planet, and thank God for allowing me the time I have every day! Recycling helps me to be a good steward of what I feel blessed to have. After you read them, books just sit…except the Bible. So I am adding a widget to the website that I use. As well as you can click the link above. If you join friend me there, and if you think of it in your sign in tell them I referred you. You will get $3.00 credit and I get a bonus too.  I’m not sure maybe I get a free book. Please comment, ask questions, like the post, or I never know you came. Here is the widget… somewhere in the sidelines of this post. Ok so the widget is not working. The link above should work.
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Mango Season

Mango Season
So Here Is My Mango Salsa Recipe
2 Ripe Mangos
1 cup Onion
1 cup Green pepper
2 Tblsp Garlic
3 Cayenne peppers (optional)
1 Tblsp Cilantro
Dice each of those ingredients and put in a bowl.
2 tsp Sugar
2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1/4 cup Lemon Juice
Add the rest of the ingredients and stir together.
The Cayenne pepper maybe optional for some but for us we love it. My husband does not eat mango but he has eaten some and it is not bad. I suppose if I added BACON he would like it better. But that does work with everything for him. O:) I have some without cayenne for my mom. I did a jar with for my fridge then another for the freezer. Whether you can it freeze it or eat it right away this is great on Shrimp, chicken, pork, and Chips. Come to think of it I like it on all kinds of things!!!
As you can maybe see in the picture this is a great way to reuse those glass jars as you give them to others to enjoy.
For labels to cover any things printed on the tops I print out lots of them from online.
Here is one I like:

Jar lids

Jar lids

These can be printed as you like. I use a label paper, which is sticky. However, I had also used just thick packing tape to adhere them. I pray you have fun with this recipe as well as the tags.
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God’s grace, peace, light, and love always In Jesus’ service Doreen ✞ ✞ ✞
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Chair Cushions DIY

Hello everyone! Today I was really busy making new cushions for the kitchen chairs.
CAM00106 CAM00107

First step was to get some of packing paper that came with some books in the mail.  It was study and so I put it on the seat and went around the bottom of the chair with a pencil to trace and then cut out the shape. It fit so then I cut four of these out of some foam I had salvaged from an unstained or soiled couch cushion. Which I had washed and dried so it was ready to go. Next  it was time to cut out heavy weight material that I had picked because of the vibrant pattern. This way accidental spills wont be so noticeable.

CAM00111 CAM00112
I also cut out two strips about 1 1/2 in wide the length of which would go around the seat cushion, plus cut some extra about 10-12 inches for the ties to hold the cushion in place.  This is what allows the thickness to to be more even and then once I had the strips pinned in place. sorry no pictures of the sewing part I was so into it I just went with it. Right sides together you start by sewing one strip in place all the way around the top part of cushion. Do the same for the bottom part of cushion however leave open the back part of the cushion so that you can put in the foam.Once the foam is in you can move it around to fit into the edges, Now grab  the extra 10-12 inch piece fold in half right sides together.  Next put a safety pin into one end and draw it so it is right side out an you will have a nice tie. Fold it in half  and pin into that open seam one on each side of the open seam. Now sew up your seams and tie them on.
As I was tying them on she was making herself comfortable. That is my girl Gorda she is always looking for ways to be involved with me.
God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you always. In Jesus’ service Doreen✞ ✞ ✞
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Mother’s day outfit

04132013 016

This is what happened to the pretty outfit I got for Mother’s Day. It has i sleeveless shift dress with a same length jacket. (Church is always cold.) Pointing no fingers at the landlords cousin who had to use that expanding caulk to fill the vent he put in my dryer room. When and how isn’t the problem getting it out was. So Here goes…
04132013 017

Dryel solvent… nope… Goo Gone… nope…Amway solvent(not pictured) but, nope anyway…

Hmmmmm not one to give up so away I went. Under the bed to storage there for wonder under fusible webbing, glittler puff paint, scissors, and the Be Dazzler!!!


Well I decided the mini one would work best for this application. With the strip of fabric from a skirt I shortened I got a great paisley piece. With the left over I made a scarf to go along with it. I can wear this as a more fancy or played down. The dress I shortened can be worn under for more summer day. Scarf is interchangeable for both dresses and works well with lots of my wardrobe. Now to press it all and get it ready for Mother’s day service.


I hope and pray in Jesus’ name if you have a mom or if you love a mom that you let them know. One day from the next we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I was blessed by being able to tell my mom I loved her, to bless her and tell her how beautiful she is and always will be to me. I have been on cloud nine ever since. Thanks be to God!!!

God’s grace, peace, light, and love always Doreen