Mephibosheth (what a bummer)

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Just a little sidework I found for the older kids if they finish faster than the younger ones. This keeps them occupied for me to help the younger ones and then it can be passed out and given to them as a take home from the lesson.
I am so blessed to know that even the lame, who are not perfect in our eyes. God has found to be perfect through the love and blood of His Son Jesus. God grants favor and blessings. He used David to bless the son of his friend Jonathan and Jonathan’s servant. I am wondering and praying for how the Lord will use me and you today to bless someone’s life. I have family and friends who are lame, Maybe not the same way as Mephibosheth was, But, they have mental, and many other issues that limit their ability. Some of them I feel it is a Spiritual lameness. And that is a real bummer.  Being Lame or a bummer Spiritually is eternal death. I lift up my prayers for the unsaved!!!
God’s grace, peace, light, and love to you always In Jesus’ service Doreen
Please do comment I know it takes time and so I am very grateful to know you stopped by and took a minute to bless me, with a hello!!!
When I used the word bummer I meant to give you a link. This link tells you what it means to be a bummer. The shepard back  in Bible times had these and I think being that we are lambs of the Great Shepard this is a good thing to someone Spiritually in need of food. Start them on milk(the word of God)!!!


2 thoughts on “Mephibosheth (what a bummer)

  1. Came to your blog through Time Warp Wife…and it’s so interesting that I just did a blog post where I mentioned Jonathan’s son as well. I did a different take on him and his circumstance…but I really liked visiting your blog! Very nice!

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